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The grade is the overall assessment of the car given to it by us (based on our experience of assessing cars). The purpose of the grade is to give you a quick idea of the general condition of the car or vehicle before visiting our showroom (so we do not waste your time). 


Our grading is based on the following ratings:


Grade 5 to a car with exceptionally low mileage and in mint condition.


Grade 4.5 is in excellent condition, but can also have mileage of up to 100K.


Grade 4 is a good, solid car.  Mileage is not an issue (could be low or high).


Grade 3.5 is similar to a grade 4 but may need more paint and panel work. Alternatively, it may have high mileage.Grade 3 often has either serious paint and panel, or it has had a panel replacement somewhere.


Grade 3 cars can also be basically grade 3.5s in terms of condition, but with very high mileage.


Grade 2 is reserved for vehicles in the worst condition. This does not mean that they are write offs, simply that they have experienced deterioration such that they are now in a very poor state. A grade 2 vehicle will often have corrosion, perhaps corrosion holes and other serious issues. If you are looking for “classic” and other older cars or older trucks and buses, you will find a number of them are grade 2.



Grade 1 Can be one of the following

1). After market turbo / engine (some sort of serious modification to the original vehicle)

2). Transmission changed from auto to manual.


Grade A, R, RA are repair history cars. The auctions definition of “repair history” is a car that has had an inside panel repaired in some way. This can range from extremely minor to major.

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